Caring for Your Earrings

To ensure your earring’s longevity, be sure to take optimal care of your pieces! Here are some Do’s & Don’ts to help your adornments last! 


1.) Lay them flat or hang to store. 
2.) Store them in a moisture-free location. 
3.) Keep them away from pets and little ones. Cats and babies LOVE fringe. 


1.) Submerge in water. Always remove them before showering or swimming. Moisture will shrink the thread leading to the fringe becoming stiff. 
2.) Don’t wear them without silicone backings! There is nothing worse than losing beaded earrings. Nothing. *Lever-back closures are always available upon request.*
3.) Do not tug on the thread. If your fringe is looking a little funky, you can straighten it out by gently petting the fringe from top to bottom.