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Beadwork by Sylvia

Slow Made Fashion

Each piece is meticulously handwoven one bead at a time. In addition, behind each finished piece you see listed are many hours of supply shopping, product research, photography, designing, trial & error, marketing, content creation, etc. Please be mindful that the cost of my work reflects this as well as the many fees/costs that go into running a small business and the cost of living in my area.

Inner Work

Each order comes with a 4x6 with this quote on it - a call for all of us to do the inner work to aid us in moving from collective trauma towards collective healing + liberation. Hang it up on your fridge, as a reminder, if you like!

I truly believe a better world is possible and hope you do too.

It's a Vibe

My hope is that everyone who comes across my work can feel the love, care, and energy I put into it all - from my photography, packaging, to the earrings themselves.

When you purchase any item from Starlust, you truly are, in essence, investing in a little piece of my heart and soul.


Sylvia's earrings are symbols of beauty and resiliency. A reflection of the artist and the tradition of beading. I worked with Sylvia on two pairs of custom earrings and she was so attentive and made the process fun! The result was better than what I envisioned and great quality! Not to mention the unboxing was delightful.

Leanette K. | Whitefish, MT

I LOVE these earrings. They shipped fast, I got it within a few days from the time I placed the order. I loved the personalized note in my package and the pretty little gifts within. Definitely some good energy that was sent in this package. I will definitely be ordering from this place again!!

Zoe R. | Sacramento, CA

I have had Sylvia create two custom pieces for me and both have been beyond my expectations! Her use of color is so fantastic--her earrings are like beautiful tropical birds. She is easy to communicate with, always finishes pieces and ships faster than I expected, and is just a pleasure to do business with. I look forward to buying more pieces from her in the future!

Jennifer M. | Beverly Hills, MI

I was fortunate to receive one of her first pairs of earrings. I’ve also purchased another one and will be purchasing many more in the future. I wear the earrings constantly and everyday I wear them I get compliments on them. They bring me a sense of overall calmness and strength. As a former beader, Sylvia is inspiring me to want to bead again. I think what impresses me the most is that she just started beading less than a year ago. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Joan L. | Missoula, MT

Sylvia is a wonderful friend of mine and I highly recommend her earrings. She puts so much thought and love into every piece and I always receive so many compliments while wearing them!

Melanie S. | Whitefish, MT

Starlust Designs weaves the most gorgeous earrings that make me feel like a Queen every time I adorn myself with them! Her passion for beading shines through her impeccable work and the colors she uses are stunning. If you’re looking for quality beaded jewelry, I highly recommend investing in Starlust Design’s creations!

Kau’ano E. | Kalispell, MT
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